Coombs Bogs Preserved!

6.55 Acres in Centerville – February 2, 2012

“…a place where tree swallows, kingfishers and red-winged blackbirds cavort with damselflies, where turtles sun themselves on warm rocks, and where tadpoles turn into bullfrogs that nestle in the soft mud. It’s truly an oasis for wildlife.” ~ Jaci Barton, BLT Executive Director.

Thanks to a grant from the State’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, together with generous donations from BLT members and the larger community, BLT was able to purchase this unique parcel of land.

The Coombs Bogs are important because they…

  • are part of the Bumps River Corridor, one of 12 wetland corridors in Barnstable;
  • join 76 other protected acres along Bumps River, helping to maintain the river’s health;
  • protect the water quality of a vast watershed and down gradient estuaries;
  • provide a diverse habitat, including three bogs and two shallow ponds fringed by tall trees;
  • feature a built-in trail system along the cartpaths once used to access the bogs; and
  • invite quiet use by nature lovers.

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