16.05 Acres in Cotuit – December 18, 2015

Barnstable Land Trust purchased the 19 forested acres surrounding Lowell Park, and then conveyed the 3 acres under and around the playing field to the Town of Barnstable. BLT was able to successfully raise $1.8 million to protect this special place thanks to donations from 1600 individuals, families, businesses and 4 foundations including the Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation, together with the Cotuit Fire Department and the Town.

The campaign to “Keep Lowell Park Green!” was about protecting water quality and our environment as well as preserving our community’s cultural traditions. The 19 acres are situated within the zone of contribution to a Cotuit drinking water supply and are also in the recharge area to Cotuit Bay and the 3-bay estuary ecosystem. Lowell Park is the southern end of an 800-acre open space corridor, which includes Eagle Pond Sanctuary, Bell Farm and Mosswood Cemetery, and extends up to Town conservation land west of Lovell’s Pond.

Click here to view a video about the importance of preserving Lowell Park.