Cleaning Up Fuller Farm

Over the years Fuller Farm on Rt. 149 in Marstons Mills was used as a dumping ground for farm equipment, lumber, metal and assorted debris scattered around the 23 acres and near the old farmhouse. Since taking ownership of Fuller Farm, BLT has been developing plans for the property but the first step is to clean it up.

At the end of February, BLT Land Stewardship Coordinator Will Holden, along with BLT volunteers Peter Doyle, Bob Parsons, Ken Ridley and Donna Starr plus 3 AmeriCorps service members and their supervisor, spent a day filling a 30-yard dumpster with debris: 15 metal barrels, 8 wood pallets, 50 cinder blocks, 5 pieces of piping, 8 piles of metal and wood debris, 15 tires, and assorted trash and litter. The clean-up will improve the health of the ecosystem, increase the aesthetic appeal of the property, decrease potential safety risks and allow for better public access. Thanks to everyone who helped out…we truly couldn’t have done it without you!

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