Historic Fuller Farm Saved!

22.44 Acres in Marstons Mills – November 14, 2012

With the help of our Green Fund, BLT was able to purchase Fuller Farm in November 2012. $32,500 is still needed to restore the revolving fund.

Bucolic Fuller Farm is a scene from a bygone era. Its rolling meadow is like no other in our community. When the village of Marstons Mills was known for its dairy farms a century ago, the fields at Fuller Farm were sown with hay and were home to a herd of dairy cows. The cows are no longer present but the 15 acres of hayfields off Route 149 still roll gently down to Middle Pond and remain untouched by time. South of the fields are 7 acres of upland woods and an abandoned cranberry bog with a built-in trail system – perfect for a serene walk.

We are thrilled to have acquired this environmentally, culturally and historically important parcel. A high priority for conservation due to its size and location in a zone of contribution to a public water supply, Fuller Farm is also located in a resource protection area and on a designated scenic road.

As a revolving fund, BLT’s Green Fund enables us to jumpstart and also complete critical land purchases. Please help BLT replenish our Green Fund…and continue saving the open spaces and special places in Barnstable.

For more information about Fuller Farm: Resources, Spring 2013