Invasive Species Removal at Coombs Bogs

Coombs Bogs

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 9:30am.

This week’s project is the continuation of invasive species removal at Coombs Bogs.

All are welcomed to come help.  Wear protective clothing and work gloves, and bring along your lopping shears if you have any.


Directions to Coombs Bogs
From Rt 28 in Centerville:
Just West of the C-O-MM Fire Station, turn North onto Ames Way.
Park by the stockade fence, just beyond the wetlands.  (See red arrow below)

Coombs Bogs Map


If possible, let BLT Land Manager Red Bansfield know that you’re coming.
Call the BLT office at 508-771-2585, or email Red at