message from red bansfield: Be here now

Delivered by Jaci Barton at the 2017 Annual Meeting

I used to say that Barnstable Land Trust preserved land in its natural state. In fact, there is truly Red Bansfield_croppedno such thing. The Cape Cod landscape has been affected by man through many generations, and nature herself is ever changing.

When Red came aboard in 2000, he became our guy in the field. He quickly taught me that protecting land sometimes means more than simply leaving it alone. While some land can and should be left alone to let nature take its course, managing for creatures great and small requires us to truly know the land.

Red was constantly out there photographing, working and observing. He came to know the land intimately.

Tonight Red has asked me to issue a challenge.

It is really a challenge to ourselves to “be here now…to get to know the land and the landscapes more intimately; to understand the importance of even the smallest of spaces, and to take the time to really look at what is in front of us. You will soon learn that everything is habitat…you just really need to look.”

He wants us each to get intimate with nature in our own way. Get out there. Walk it. Take your kids or your grandkids with you. Observe what is around you. Tell them what you see. Sit and enjoy. Study. Reflect. Take pictures and take the time to really look and see what is there. You just might be surprised.

As you look and listen, take notes. Report what you see to BLT so that we can better understand our land. In that way, you can help us make our lands even richer for the animals that live there and for you, the people who visit.

“Get out there. Observe what is around you.
Sit and enjoy. Study. Reflect.
Take the time to really look and see what is there.”