Nominating Committee Report

The 2013 Nominating Committee, composed of Joe Hawley (Chair), Carol Carter, Rob O’Leary, Jim O’Conor, Beth Marcus and Bob Frazee, proposes the following slate of candidates for the Barnstable Land Trust Board of Directors.  The Membership will vote on the slate at the 2013 Annual Meeting on November 15.


To be elected to a 1-year term expiring 2014:

President: Lee Ann Hesse
Vice President: John Miller
Treasurer: Wendy Barker
Clerk: Tom Burgess


To be elected to a 3-year term expiring 2016:

Bobbi Cox
Terrie Reilly
Nancy Ridley
Mary-Gaines Standish

To be elected to a 2-year term expiring 2015:

Lee Ann Hesse
Tom Mullen

To be elected to a 1-year term expiring 2014:

Stacy Austin Reinhart
James O’Conor


To be elected for 1 year:

Joe Hawley, Chair
Carol Carter
Lee Ann Hesse
Beth Marcus
James O’Conor
Bill O’Neill

BOARD MEMBERS remaining to carry out their terms

Until 2014: Wendy Barker, Tom Burgess, John Miller, Rob O’Leary, Sheila Place
Until 2015:  Polly Dana-Schumacher, Susanne Lavoie-Lagace