Picturesque Parcel Donated

.85 Acres in West Barnstable – November 15, 2012

In November 2012 Margaret G. McGarrahan donated a .85-acre parcel of land in West Barnstable. The land, which is surrounded by classic New England stone walls, is located near several other parcels of BLT land as well as many town-owned parcels in the Great Marsh.

Located near the Sandy Neck/Great Marsh Area of Critical Environmental Concern, the land falls entirely within the Town’s Resource Protection Overlay District (which was adopted to protect down gradient estuaries from additional nitrogen loading). Among the plants seen on the property that provide food and shelter for all manner of wildlife are tupelo, viburnum, greenbrier, wild rose, wild grape, Virginia creeper, honeysuckle, red maple and black cherry.

We are grateful to Mrs. McGarrahan for donating this piece of land, which is situated in such an environmentally critical area.