Property 064

Protected Lands Catalog

property-064Property ID: BLT #064
Grantor: Norman B. Hayes & Susan B. Hayes
Property Name: Eben H. Carruthers’ Woodlot Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: April 7, 1999
Acres: 8.95
Location: off Old Neck Road, Barnstable

Description: To mitigate expansion plans, Excel Switching Corp. donated the funds required to purchase a conservation restriction from Norman and Susan Hayes on 8.95 acres. The land is in the wooded area between the Town’s Old Jail Lane Preserve and Cape Cod Community College. Preservation of this parcel added to the vast woodlots already protected in this area and helped facilitate development of the Cape Cod Pathways link that runs from Phinney’s Lane to the College.

Habitat: Pine and oak woodlands
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #236013