Property 075

Protected Lands Catalog

property-075Property ID: BLT #075
Grantor: C. M. Conover
Property Name: Great Cove Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: December 26, 2000
Acres: 25.55
Location: Great Cove, Osterville

Description: Catherine Conover erased eight approved building lots with this 25.55-acre conservation restriction that encircles Great Cove in Osterville. The land is primarily pine and oak woodlands fringed by salt marsh. One of the few remaining undeveloped properties on the Grand Island, this is a significant part of a scenic open space corridor. To the east is the Town’s shellfish nursery. The northwest portion of the land abuts BLT’s 13-acre Grand Island Preserve [link to BLT #63 & #67].

Habitat: Pine and oak woodlands, salt marsh, dunes and coastal bank
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #070009006, #070018, #070017001, #070017004, #071024, #071025, #070017005, #070071006, #070017003, #070022