Property 093

Protected Lands Catalog

property-093Property ID: BLT #093
Grantor: Town of Barnstable
Property Name: Furman Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: April 5, 2004
Acres: 56.62
Location: 842 Route 6A, West Barnstable

Description: Sylvia and Jack Furman patiently waited while BLT and The Nature Conservancy mustered the funds to purchase their 56.62 acres on the corner of Main Street and Salt Meadow Lane, west of Navigation Road in West Barnstable. Thanks to the combined efforts of federal, state and local partnerships, the Town purchased these oak woodlands and salt marsh that lie within the Sandy Neck/Barnstable Harbor Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). BLT holds a conservation restriction that permanently protects the land.

Habitat: Oak woodlands, salt marsh and freshwater wetlands
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #156004, #156039-044, #156047-053, #180015-026