Property 098

Protected Lands Catalog

property-098Property ID: BLT #098
Grantor: Egg Island Builders, LLC
Property Name: Egg Island Builders, LLC Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: January 6, 2005
Acres: 1.59
Location: 71 Calves Pasture Lane, Barnstable

Description: Calves Pasture Point is bordered by Barnstable Harbor. Calves Pasture Lane, which leads out to the point, is so named because of its rural roots. This thickly vegetated woodlot is home to Eastern Red Cedar, pear and black cherry trees that are evidence of its agricultural heritage. To protect the abutting salt marsh of the Sandy Neck/Barnstable Harbor Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), a conservation restriction was placed on this 1.59-acre wooded parcel.

Habitat: Cedar and black cherry woods, adjacent to a salt marsh
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #259001002

Additional Information: This conservation restriction on privately-owned land is not open for public access.