Property 101

Protected Lands Catalog

property-101Property ID: BLT #101
Grantor: Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.
Property Name: Bone Hill Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: November 22, 2005
Acres: 1.02
Location: Bone Hill Road, Barnstable

Description: Phase 2 of the “Save Bone Hill Farm” project came to a successful completion one year after the first parcel was preserved [BLT #95]. The 1.02 acres of open meadow is one of two parcels on Bone Hill Road located at the gateway to Mass Audubon’s Long Pasture Sanctuary. The meadow is sandwiched between Town-owned property and the Audubon Sanctuary in an area of known habitat of the American Woodcock. The shy birds gather here each spring to perform their spectacular breeding displays. The property was purchased with private donations. The land is now owned by Mass Audubon and a conservation restriction protecting it in perpetuity was granted to BLT. The Campaign to Save Bone Hill Farm was a partnership of BLT, Mass Audubon and the Committee to Save Northside Open Space.

Habitat: Open field and meadow
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #336050003