Property 103

Protected Lands Catalog

property-103Property ID: BLT #103
Grantor: Town of Barnstable (Archibald)
Property Name: Mill Pond Conservation Restriction
Acquisition Date: April 27, 2006
Acres: 10.0
Location: off Old Post Road, Marstons Mills

Description: BLT spearheaded a successful campaign to preserve the 10-acre Archibald Property in Marstons Mills. The land, located next to BLT #70, is on the Mill Pond and is the backdrop for one of the most photographed scenes in the Town of Barnstable. Protecting this classic New England setting at the intersection of Routes 149 and 28 was a high priority because of its scenic beauty. It was also of great importance because herring rest in the pond on the way up the Marstons Mills River to their spawning grounds in Middle Pond. The property falls in the zone of contribution to the public water supply and is part of a vast wildlife corridor that stretches from the Mill Pond through wellfields to cranberry bogs north of Lovell’s Pond. The Archibald property was purchased with Town Land Bank funds, a state Aquifer Protection grant and a generous gift from BLT’s Green Fund. BLT holds a conservation restriction that permanently protects the land.

Habitat: Riverbank, millpond and freshwater wetlands
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #058011, #058011001-007