Property 128

Protected Lands Catalog

property-128Property ID: BLT #128
Grantor: Linda Graham & Deborah McLister
Property Name: Bearse
Acquisition Date: May 9, 2011
Acres: 0.80
Location: 279 South Main Street, Centerville

Description: The Bearse family always thought about preserving this parcel. When an identical adjacent lot blossomed with a house they knew it was time to take action. Deb McLister and her sister-in-law Linda Graham donated a .80-acre parcel along South Main Street in Centerville. The upland field and forest includes an abandoned cranberry bog that is a haven for wildlife including the Eastern box turtle, a species of special concern in Massachusetts. Keeping the land in its natural state protects a fragile ecosystem, which feeds fresh water to the Centerville River.

Habitat: Upland and swamp
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #207097003