Property ID: BLT #143Nault-x300
Grantor: Mark H. Boudreau (Tr.) Vivian Nault Revocable Trust
Acquisition Date: June 5, 2014
Acres: 3.34
Location: 664 South Main Street, Centerville

Description: Purchased with funds from BLT’s Green Fund, the Nault property fronts on Centerville’s scenic South Main Street. It is part of a major wetland system that reaches north to the Centerville Elementary School and drains south into the Bumps and Centerville Rivers.

The land includes hummocks of Atlantic white cedar swamp, which is an uncommon habitat, and provides excellent cover for deer, rabbits and birds. Mink, otter, muskrats and songbirds such as warblers all love this unique ecosystem. The Northern Parula Warbler (Parula americana) now breeds primarily in cedar wetlands as its favored nesting material, the hanging lichen Usnea, is fast disappearing outside the cedar swamps.

Habitat: Woodlands and cedar swamp

Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s #186039001