protected lands catalog

Property ID: BLT #160
Grantor: Robert and Elizabeth Pozen
Property Name: Pozen Property
Acquisition Date: May 31, 2018
Acres: 4.07
Location: 0 & 35 Peppercorn Lane, Cotuit

Description: Situated between scenic Rushy Marsh Pond to the east and Pinquickset Cove to the west, the Pozen Property is located within a buffer zone to a rare white cedar swamp. The land, which is considered ecologically sensitive and a critical natural resource, includes a potential vernal pool and is located within a Priority Habitat and a Significant Natural Resource Area as designated by Barnstable County. The Town of Barnstable holds the conservation restriction, protecting the land in perpetuity.

Habitat: Woodlands and wetlands
Parcel ID: Town of Barnstable Assessor’s # 016029001 & # 016029002