Protected Lands Catalog and Map

Barnstable Land Trust is currently the steward of 1,081.88 acres in the Town of Barnstable.

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1414.52West Barnstable20131540 Main Street CR
1350.85West Barnstable2012Margaret G. McGarrahan
0041.11West Barnstable1989Paul & Selma Turner
0595.57West Barnstable1998Cape Cod Cooperative Bank
0911.51West Barnstable2003Maxine M. & Daniel Murray Sullivan Jr.
1376.97West Barnstable2012Orenda Wildlife Land Trust, Inc. (Brickyard)
06226.42West Barnstable1998Virginia G. Smith
09356.62West Barnstable2004Furman CR
0497.15West Barnstable1996Donald & Shirley Roman
10014.74West Barnstable2005Bayview Farm Realty Trust
02316.27West Barnstable1992James Gillis & Cathy Rosenberg
04320.40West Barnstable1995John C. Hall II, et al
0782.51West Barnstable2001Huldah Moss
03640.10West Barnstable1994Elizabeth Rex Paul
0792.00West Barnstable2001Henry Paul Bergson
03840.01West Barnstable1995Elizabeth Rex Paul
11225.24West Barnstable2007Mill Pond CR
0561.89West Barnstable1997George V. & Barbara M. Parow
1049.65West Barnstable2007Bayview Farm
0226.92West Barnstable1992Frank A. Maki, Sr., Ervina F. Maki & Esther M. Kurra
0821.02West Barnstable2001Beecher A. Larson
0010.69West Barnstable1984Charles & Barbara Birdsey
0311.49Osterville1993Paul D. & Jill M. Kaneb, Richard S. & Nancy C. Leghorn, Alan J. & Diane K. Bankhart
0880.48Osterville2002George & Irene Manning
1381.42Osterville2012Rachel Lambert Mellon
0778.84Osterville2001LeBlanc CR
0071.50Osterville1990Willis H. Leonard
07525.55Osterville2000Great Cove CR
0091.12Osterville1990James Hinkle & Joseph Hinkle
0831.58Osterville2001Henry Fox & Virginia Wagenseller
0508.00Osterville1996Marion (Sally) Sawyer
1251.00Osterville2010Thomas L. & Irene A. Antkowiak
0440.97Osterville1996George V. Carr
0691.93Osterville2000Virginia Fox Wagenseller - Elizabeth Fox Fisher & Henry Heywood Fox
0671.04Osterville1999Grand Island LLC
1131.08Osterville2007Julie C. May, James G. Haidas, Richard B.
0373.28Osterville1994Long Ellis, D. Horner & J. McGraw
06312.20Osterville1998Paul Mellon
0470.57Osterville1996Mary G. Standish
0556.80Osterville1997G. Wade & Mary C. Staniar
0891.88Osterville2002Donald C. McGraw
0451.19Osterville1996Anne P. Halliday
0861.06Osterville2002Richard B. & Doris S. Sellars
0850.78Osterville2002Jonathan G. Leonard
1080.70Marstons Mills2007Marstons Mills River CR
0707.10Marstons Mills2000Plummer/Marstons Mills River
13422.44Marstons Mills2012Fuller Farm
1331.28 Marstons Mills2012Martha C. Thompson (Tr.)
01032.97Marstons Mills1990Joel Davis, Holbrook Davis & Nathanael Davis
13127.33Marstons Mills2011Kenneth & Suzanne R. Sutherland
0142.01Marstons Mills1991D. Bruce McHenry
1401.17Marstons Mills2013Boathouse Realty Trust
0165.22Marstons Mills1991D. Bruce McHenry - Mistic Drive CR
0570.60Marstons Mills1997McKay Family Trust
0183.77Marstons Mills1991Frances R. Pittendreigh
0204.83Marstons Mills1992Cape Cod Bank & Trust Co.
10310.00Marstons Mills2006Mill Pond CR
0030.68Marstons Mills1989Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank
0152.33Marstons Mills1991Marion Hickman, Joan Vos & Seely Thomas
1501.20Marstons Mills2015Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod
0732.85Hyannis2000Robert F. & Barbara H. Sydney - David A. & Patricia T. Sydney
0721.09Hyannis2000Chris H. & Theodora P. Doku
1025.58Hyannis2007James D. Circo
0280.33Hyannis1993James P. Skenas
0290.68Hyannis1993Mary Louise Welch, Jane F. Welch, Barbara Welch & Dr. Gabriel Welch
1460.12Hyannis2015James D. Circo
1074.02Cotuit2007Enos-Frazier Patch CR
130152.0Cotuit2011Mary Barton Land Conservation Trust
09214.48Cotuit2003H. Gates III & William W. Lloyd & WJL LLP
0710.92Cotuit2000William Landes
1175.00Cotuit2008Robert E. Baker, Barbara M. LaFlam, Ronald Yackel (Tr.)
10522.50Cotuit2006Cordwood Road Nominee Trust
0530.31Cotuit1997Gerard C. & Mary T. Henderson
0020.11Cotuit1988Margaret H. Lloyd
0256.63Cotuit1993Anne G. Gould
0666.25Cotuit1999Sencorp Systems, Inc.
0655.89Cotuit1999Reuben W. & Lorraine Servis
03328.88Cotuit1994H. Gates Lloyd III
1213.50Cotuit2009John H., Peter P. & David W. Galloway
0872.70Cotuit2002Richard Lloyd Trust CR
1497.25Cotuit2015Lawrence & Candida Miceli CR
15116.05Cotuit2015Lowell Park Woodlands CR
0970.92Centerville2004John Crisafulli
0350.84Centerville1994Olga Fuller & Thomas Waterman
1360.68Centerville2013Orenda Wildlife Land Trust, Inc. (Carvers Island)
0510.71Centerville1996Lawrence F. Peters
0081.02Centerville1990Jacqueline Flood
1326.55Centerville2012Candace W. Coombs
0412.18Centerville1995Olga Fuller & Thomas Waterman
0402.35Centerville1995Richard C. & Sally Pessa
0244.78Centerville1992Alan E. & Dorothy Small
1280.80Centerville2011Graham & McLister (Bearse)
1271.61Centerville2010Charles F. Herberger
0480.58Centerville1996Thomas Pryor & Alexander Courtney
1200.83Centerville2009Charles F. Herberger
1061.37Centerville2007Carl J. & Kathleen H. Paquette
0052.00Centerville1989Edward & Ethelwynne Crosby
0321.36Centerville1994Greenbrier Homes, Inc. (Dacey)
1394.82Centerville2013Centerville–Barnstable Housing Auth Stage Coach Residences
0742.77Centerville2000Sylvia M. Furman
0301.90Centerville1993Richard C. & Sally E. Pessa
0760.56Centerville2000Phyllis S. Boucher Trust
1180.30Centerville2008June A. Jones
0190.27Centerville1992Hyannis Building and Development
1433.34Centerville2014Vivian Nault Revocable Trust
1442.20Centerville2014Town of Barnstable (Tyburski) CR
1521.47Centerville2015Doherty Family
04234.99Barnstable1995Edward O. Handy, Jr. & the Heirs of John L. Handy, Jr.
0461.29Barnstable1996Dorothy & Albert Noyes
0110.09Barnstable1990Ellen C.F. Kennedy
1145.73Barnstable2007Hinckley’s Pond CR
1195.66Barnstable2009Kenneth Kramer
0965.30Barnstable2005Hot Bottom CR
0981.59Barnstable2005Egg Island Builders LLC Conservation
0995.00Barnstable2005Konrad Gesner & the Hayes Nominee Trust
1011.02Barnstable2006Bone Hill CR
0951.02Barnstable2004Bone Hill Farm CR
0942.42Barnstable2004First Hyannis Realty LLC
0902.18Barnstable2002George U. Warren
0261.40Barnstable1993Herbert M. Lovell
0272.72Barnstable1993Richard & Sally Marchand
1092.85Barnstable2007Old Gorham Farm CR
1107.13Barnstable2007Calves Pasture CR
1111.03Barnstable2007Long Pasture CR
0177.40Barnstable1991Jacqueline N. Simpkins
0844.81Barnstable2002Patricia C. Chase Trs.
11519.21Barnstable2007Brazelton CR
1161.50Barnstable2008Howard W. & Virginia E. Woollard (Trs.)/Four Acre Realty Trust
0812.20Barnstable2001Brazelton Family
0807.38Barnstable2001Heirs of C. B. Lowell
0343.09Barnstable1994T. Berry & Christina L. Brazelton
0686.71Barnstable1999Onion Acres CR
0648.95Barnstable1999Eben H. Carruthers’ Woodlot CR
1227.72Barnstable2009Judy & Walter Kaess
12312.77Barnstable2009Douglas Mitchell & Christine Welsh
12417.00Barnstable2010Barnstable Fire District (Bush-Brown)
0136.00Barnstable1991Natalie Baldwin & Joe Walters
1261.43Barnstable2010James H. & Janet Higginbottom Rice
0393.75Barnstable1995Sarah C. Dale (MacRobbie)
0611.59Barnstable1998James A. Lebel (Cranberry Farm Tr.)
1290.92Barnstable2011Robert C. & Beverly A. Parke (trs.) Beverly A. Parke Living Trust
0602.21Barnstable1998Francis W. & Carol Lebel O’Brien
0585.95Barnstable1998Mary H. Crane
0540.55Barnstable1997John H. & Lucille H. Harris
05215.55Barnstable1996Mildred I. Gedrites
0060.82Barnstable1989Elliott B. MacSwan
0218.01Barnstable1992Amy C. & William Daniel Knott - Knott CR
1422.81Barnstable2014Evelyn Chester
1472.32Barnstable2015William & Catherine Swift
1481.4Barnstable2015Native Land Conservancy CR
1458.48Barnstable2014Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts (Korkuch)
1530.57Barnstable2016Irene Anderson
1541.87Barnstable2016William Doe
1550.43Osterville2016Jennifer C. & William T. Ruhl
1564.50Barnstable2016CTS Fiduciary, LLC