Section 208 Water Quality Management Plan Update

property-058Public Hearing: Tuesday, October 7 from 4-6 pm

Excess nitrogen – primarily from residential septic systems – is fouling our estuaries, embayments and watersheds. A plan, known as the Section 208 Water Quality Management Plan Update, is now emerging to address this serious problem. The draft narrative is the culmination of more than a year of intensive work by the Cape Cod Commission, consultants, and stakeholders such as BLT. The 218-page draft update is a compilation of more than 6,000 pages of background, analyses, and recommendations.

The 208 Plan is open for public comment through November 20. You can get involved in this critical issue that affects everyone who lives on, visits and loves Cape Cod. Download the draft plan at And then attend the public hearing of the Mid-Cape Regional Subgroup on Tuesday, October 7, 4-6 pm, Innovations Room, Cape Cod Commission, 3225 Main Street, Barnstable Village.

We are all part of the problem. Let’s be part of the solution.