Shaw’s Lane Connector

Shaws ConnectorWith Your Help…We Did It!
The Shaw’s Lane Property, 3.47 acres of woodlands in bucolic West Barnstable, is now preserved. Thanks to public and private support – from individuals, the Cape Cod Five Cents Saving Bank, the Fields Pond Foundation, and the Town of Barnstable’s Community Preservation Act – Barnstable Land Trust is able to protect an important link to the network of trails known as the Cape Cod Pathways. Located on Church Street, the Shaw’s Lane Connector, abuts both private and public conservation land.

It’s All About Community Connections
Elizabeth Crocker Jenkins had bequeathed the land to the 1717 Meetinghouse Foundation. The Foundation considered subdividing and selling the parcel to raise funds for much-needed restoration of the iconic 300-year-old West Parish Meetinghouse. Rather than see it lost to development, however, they approached us about the possibility of BLT purchasing the land. Preserving the Shaw’s Lane Connector is a classic win-win scenario: BLT could support the renovation of an important community building while preserving forever a critical link to the Cape Cod Pathways. The land also connects BLT’s adjacent 2.5-acre Moss Property to the Town-owned Jenkins Wildlife Reservation and Bridge Creek Conservation areas.

Protecting the Shaw’s Lane Connector matters because it:

  • Provides public access for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, bird watching, and more;
  • Protects a diverse woodland wildlife habitat;
  • Safeguards water quality;
  • Preserves West Barnstable’s scenic, historic, and cultural character.

With the acquisition of the Shaw’s Lane Connector, BLT is the steward of 1,099 acres in the Town of Barnstable.



The 3.47-acre Shaw's Connector is noted in pink; red & blue dots indicate Pathways trails.

The 3.47-acre Shaw’s Connector is noted in pink; red & blue dots indicate Pathways trails.