Team BLT Fundraising Strategy

Who is ready to make things happen?!

Here is a guide on how to raise $500 for Barnstable Land Trust in just 5 steps while you train for…

Fundraising has never been easier with online fundraising. When you registered, you received your own individual website, which you can personalize, so others can support your charity and donate immediately!

Step 1
Start by sponsoring yourself and donate $25 to your cause. This will help build momentum!

Total = $25

Step 2
Send an email or letter out to everyone you know. In the email include a video of yourself explaining why you ride and support Barnstable Land Trust (we will help make this video and post it to your individual fundraising page!). Ask 7 friends to donate $25.

Total = $175

Step 3
Ask 4 businesses you frequent to donate $25 each (e.g. doctor, coffee shop, favorite breakfast spot, dentist, dry cleaners, your regular lunch spot etc.).

Total = $100

Step 4
Follow up on your fundraising letters and emails. Ask 5 coworkers to donate $10.

Total = $50

Step  5
Make a funny video of you riding your bike (we will help you make this!) or use your “why I ride” video, and post to social media.  You will easily get 15 people to donate $10 or more.

Total = $150

Grand Total = $500

These are just some guidelines. If it’s easier for you, think of each step as something to do over the course of 5 weeks – start with yourself, then ask friends, neighbors, etc.

And if there is any way for us to help you, whether that means reposting your page on our social media, offering more tips, guidelines, deadlines, etc., or even calling you to tell you that you’ve got this and that we believe in you, we can do it!


Contact Lillie with any questions: (508) 771-2585 x100 or